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Expanding the Reach and Audience for French Bulldogs Breeder

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The breeder came to us looking for a simple website for their small business. But we saw a much bigger picture and consulted them on creating a brand that connects better with their audience. Along with a website that fits the marketing strategy we had planned for her.


We partnered with French Bulldogs of Tampa to support small local businesses and explore the industry. We acknowledged it’s a professional brand and seasonal marketing approach we had to take in order to get the results we’re all expecting.


We created a brand that reflects the owner’s visions with their logo and website. Using social media marketing we’re able to create a following for their brand and have their pups in constant demand.


  • Modern website developed
  • New content sitewide, optimized for all pages
  • Successful SEO migration of all pages
  • Versatile, while simple—the logomark could be used on its own, or as a cohesive element with a proper logotype.
  • Newer branding and pattern library for all company assets
  • An audience that interacts with the brand and trusts

Fulfilling their mission drives and inspires us to create more impactful brands along with strategical marketing.

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