Our Work

Adding creative advantage for Doctor Glass

What we wanted to achieve

  • With their new logo, they needed a website that matches the branding strategy.
  • Develop a website that is informational and straight to the point.
  • Get leads from contact form.

Expected Results


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Our client needed a website that spoke with his audience. We designed 3 versions of the homepage based on their feedback. Our main objective with his website is to be informational and generate leads. We expect this website to perform to our client’s expectations.


Using the latest technology, we created a website that can be useful for their drivers and customers. Understanding the business is very important to know the process since we’re going to form an innovative solution. Generating a software interface for all it’s users, essentially bringing their work progress online.


A big challenge for Milam was automating and fast pacing the hiring process to get drivers trained and on the road. We created a process that allows employer seeking drivers to get verified and hired within 24 hours of submitting their application through a new custom form. The process is simple and very useful, solving their issue.


  • Create API software for communication between the riders and dispatch
  • New content sitewide, optimized for all pages
  • Successful SEO migration of all pages
  • Versatile, while simple—the logomark could be used on its own, or as a cohesive element with a proper logotype.
  • Newer branding and pattern library for all company assets

Looking ahead, we anticipate developing the brand further as well as helping drivers with their deliveries and communication with their dispatchers.

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