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Enhancing the Online Experience of Daesoft Technology Solutions



Designed and Developed Page Templates


Website organic site traffic growth


The challenge with Daesoft was where they started from… Their old website housed a minimal amount of content, imagery, and even pages. Our job was to be able to convey the numerous projects they have in the best light with all new content, focusing mainly on how the imagery tells the story and achieves the desired goal. Another challenge lied within the complex nature of the industry and the difficulty of organizing everything in a logical way. Our team needed to create a frontend and backend experience that worked for everyone involved.


Using the latest technology, we created a brand that reflects the owner’s visions with their company. Making sure is useful to them and their users through their website where they can make payment and find useful tools.


We added a subscription-based e-commerce website that lets users save their orders and manage their accounts. This lets both partied keep record of every transaction and automate payment month to month without any hassle.


  • Modern website developed
  • New content sitewide, optimized for all pages
  • Successful SEO migration of all pages
  • Versatile, while simple—the logomark could be used on its own, or as a cohesive element with a proper logotype.
  • Newer branding and pattern library for all company assets
  • Responsive nature

After a rebrand that focused on their passion for client success, Daesoft received one of their largest cases—and haven’t stopped winning.

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